Friday, January 25, 2008

Moon Dust Bunnies

What was the nature of the dust on the moon? What were it's properties? What did it smell like? How was it manufactured? You might be surprised to find out that despite having supposedly been to the moon and gathered data, scientists are still dependent on the manufacturing of moon dust - tons of it.

Toxic Moon Dust

Damaging Dust

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Alex said...

NASA images: AS15-87-11695, AS15-87-11696, AS15-87-11697, AS15-87-11698, AS15-87-11699

These images show the CSM (Command Service Module) of Apollo 15. The photos were taken from the LEM (Landing Module or Lunar Excursion Module). The images show the Moon surface in the background.
This could have happened only if the CSM was to land instead of the LEM.
My God, what a mistake!
What we should see is the LEM going toward the surface as on the image:
These images also prove that the fake Apollo images were created by a small group of experts with only a few scientists and engineers checking the images, therefore some mistakes were bound to happen.